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Road closure orders

Road Closure Orders are generally granted in respect of public events such as carnivals, festivals, spring fairs, street parties, marathons and rallies.

You should aim to submit your application for a Road Closure Order to the council at least 12 weeks before the starting date of the event. Submitting your application in plenty of time will ensure that you do not arrange an event which may not be able to take place if your application is rejected.

Once you're application has been submitted we will send it to Derbyshire County Council and/or the Derbyshire Police Authority for it to be assessed. If any objections come up during this process we will let you know and put you in contact with the relevant body to resolve the issue.

Approximately 3 weeks before the event we confirm if your application has been successful and send you six laminated copies of the road closure notice. The notices must be posted in the streets and surrounding affected areas at least 14 days before the event.

Along with submitting the application for road closure to us you must also:

  • consult with anyone who may be affected by the event such as residents and businesses
  • inform the emergency services of your event and bus companies if the event is on a bus route
  • ensure that you have enough marshals appointed for your event
  • ensure that any requirements placed on you by the police or county council are undertaken
  • be responsible for signage and any road closure barriers that may be required. You may have to hire the necessary signage or barriers from an independent organisation.
  • you may wish to consider advertising in a local newspaper or do a leaflet drop to anyone affected by the Road Closure Order in order to comply with the consultation requirements

If you think that you may require a licence/temporary event notice for any aspect for your event, view our licensing section

Please make sure read the terms and conditions before applying for a road closure notice.

Application for a road closure order [119KB]